Book Review - Dance of the Wild by Richa Jha

Book Review - Dance of the Wild by Richa Jha

Authored by Richa Jha       

Illustrated by Ruchi Mhasane


Dance of the wild is a whimsical book all about being free in more than one way. Written from a child’s point of view, the narration brings forth innocence while gently highlighting love and understanding among the characters.

Our favorite person in the book is Nannu, the grandmother. She attempts to tell her grand-daughter a thing or two about being wild but the wild times she herself had as a child is evident!

What is also beautiful is the bond between the child Shilu, her mother and Nannu. It feels special, the three of them sharing good times and unsaid unconditional support. Not to mention Shilu’s comrade, Pirate the cat.

We quite like the feeling of light and movement in the illustrations by Ruchi Mhasane.



Richa Jha captures joyful moments through simple situations and gives us a good reason to give Dance of the wild a read.

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