The Rabbit Hole Bookstore - Where children discover the magic of books! 

Greetings from The Rabbit Hole Bookstore - Where children discover the magic of books! We believe that a book is like the Rabbit Hole that Alice from Alice in Wonderland went down to – if you see one open, you will end up disappearing inside!!

We are an independent children’s bookstore in Bangalore. Our family-centered bookshop has children at the heart of everything we do. Created specifically to bond the child and the book and to allow children to encounter books in new and exciting ways, The Rabbit Hole brings with it specially curated children's books that nurture creativity and a host of other skills.

The Rabbit Hole boasts of fantastic children's literature in a varied range of genres across Indian and International titles. We provide good quality, carefully selected enthralling titles that children will want to read. We also stock pre-owned books at discounted rates. We also have a fascinating range of traditional Indian Games and a captivating array of DIY Kits, Cloth Books and Flash Cards.

In addition to the physical store, we also do pop-up bookshops and Book subscription kits. We also play host to events like- book releases, readings, author meets and workshops for children. We also run a book club and a reading program for children (Seed A Read) and help schools and libraries stock/renew their libraries.

The RabbitHole bookstore is a passionate initiative to bring the world of literature closer to children. We want children to explore a new experience with books and beyond at The RabbitHole Children's Bookstore!

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