Bookish Xmas – Ideas for Christmas Trees with Books

Bookish Xmas – Ideas for Christmas Trees with Books

Want to try some interesting new XMas trees for your home this season? Get the books down from your bookshelves to try these clever ideas we got from Pinterest.  Go ahead and show off your books with some of these fabulous ways to use books as Christmas decorations!

A stacked-book tree

Stack your books against the wall, add a star, some lights and your tree is ready!




Folded Mini Trees

These folded mini-trees can be made easily with old books!



Stacked Book Tree

Arrange your books from largest to smallest, stack up a short stump, open your books and get stacking! Quick and easy!



Crumpled Pages Tree

This lovely tree is made with tiny crumpled pages and a foam cone as a base!



Book Pages Layered Xmas Tree

How charming are these layered trees?



Simple paper trees




Even simpler paper trees

Did you enjoy this peek at lovely and easy DIY Christmas trees? Do you have more ideas? Share it in the comments.





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