The Adventures Of Toto The Auto - 4
  • The Adventures Of Toto The Auto - 4
  • The Adventures Of Toto The Auto - 4

The Adventures Of Toto The Auto - 4

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"Answer your child's queries and concerns about growing up in modern times by reading them stories about Toto the auto. In these lovable stories, Toto and his driver Pattu go about solving problems, helping others and having loads of fun along the way. These are stories that gently teach kids timeless values like kindness, bravery, and confidence along with the modern-day life skills needed to be happy in the world of today.

In this book:
Toto watches TV
Toto discovers the thrill of watching TV and then finds out what happens if you watch too much of it!

Toto and Palli
Palli, the 'girl' auto from the village visits our auto friends in the city. Chillu who finds her silly at the start, soon discovers that looks can be deceptive and what looks fragile can be really strong too!

Selected by as part of '50 Indian books every parent must read to the their child'

Selected by Lifeandtimes in Bengaluru as part of its India centric book list: '50 books we love'"


Ruta Vyas / Nilima Eriyat



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Toto The Auto

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Early Readers (Ages 1-6)

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