Ishaan Jain - How I saved for my dream vacation
  • Ishaan Jain - How I saved for my dream vacation
  • Ishaan Jain - How I saved for my dream vacation
  • Ishaan Jain - How I saved for my dream vacation

London Here I Come! How I saved for my dream vacation. (Kids Talk Money)

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This is a book that talks about money management is written by an 8-year-old, Ishaan Jain and is aimed at children. A book for children, by a child – a child with excellent knowledge about money!

I wrote this book because they do not teach us about money as a subject in school and that makes it harder for us later in life.I guess I always knew I would become an author. There is a video of a 4-year-old me saying that I actually wanted to become an author. Also, partly because I always have an opinion about everything and My mom also told me to write.Money, as all of us know, is something we use to buy stuff. But what some of us don't know is how we can limit ourselves to not spending everything we have, how to differentiate needs and wants, and what investing means. These are some of the things I will attempt to cover in this book.This book is really important to me. That is because it is my First Book and also because there is no other book like this one anywhere. Many kids don't know a thing about money and then suddenly, they are pushed out into the real world and expected to make a living without any help or guidance whatsoever. I did not think that was fair and as I had My mother, who works in this industry, I know a little about money. I decided to share My experience and learnings with everybody through this book. 

Age Group: 8+
Author: Ishaan Jain
No.of pages: 120
Type: Non-fiction
Format: Hardcover
Price: INR 399
Published By: TV18 Broadcast Ltd.




Ishaan Jain




Middle Readers (Ages 7-12)


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