Wake Up - Alphabet Fashion Show
  • Wake Up - Alphabet Fashion Show
  • Wake Up - Alphabet Fashion Show

Alphabet Fashion Show


This ALPHABET FASHION SHOW BOOK ,explores all of the letters of the alphabet uniquely. This book has really simple words, which is ideal for children just learning how to read English Alphabet and help them build a foundation for their language skills. There is nothing more magical than a child’s imagination. Here at ALPHABET FASHION SHOW BOOK , we create meaningful, magical personalized Alphabet version which let children imagine themselves doing extraordinary things. Open up a child’s world and teach them about courage, curiosity and kindness. Page by page, children will learn how to build confidence and self-esteem and dream big. When kids are made aware of the whole array of professions, it not only spurs their interest in professional career, but also helps them to understand the whole spectrum of the world order. They’ll learn that they are unique and amazing. This book features rich illustrations though which parents can teach their wards in a playful way to help them choose and create an illustrious career for themselves. Our mission is to make children feel loved, become enthusiastic readers, and dream bigger. We wish to turn a child into make a hero of their own Alphabet stories and nurture their imagination. By seeing themselves in the Alphabet Fashion Show, children engage more deeply. From learning about their own identity, to discovering the world around them and by developing empathy, curiosity and confidence, our splendid Alphabet learning tales prepare children for every chapter of their life ahead. It shows a child how special they are, help them to aim high, and have fun learning letters. A totally unique, artistry, thoughtful, customized and beautifully personalized gift based on the Alphabet letters of a child’s imagination. Wake up publication is the best-selling children books have delighted over million children all over the world. Together, we can encourage and inspire the next generation of heroic, imaginative, book-loving kids.



Tasmin Winter
Vibha Batra
Sreelatha Menon
Sanjeev Sanyal
Meghaa Gupta


Picture Books


3 - 5 years


Alphabets / Numbers
Early Learning


Early Readers (Ages 1-6)




Wake Up
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